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Brian McKeever, BS, PT, MPT, AT, CEAS


Brian has worked in all settings including hospitals, rehab centers, and outpatient clinics.  Brian was Director of Physical Therapy in the Sacramento CA area for a national Occupational Health Care Clinic.  While there he helped to develop injury prevention programs as well as advancing his treatment skills for musculoskeletal dysfunctions associated with work related injuries.  In the early 90’s he started a business helping medical clinics develop physical therapy clinics.   He helped to design and open physical therapy clinics from the ground up. In the Mid 90’s he opened McKeever Physical Therapy in Folsom, Ca.  Shortly after opening McKeever Physical Therapy, he opened on-site injury prevention programs for the Intel Corporation at their Folsom and Santa Clara sites. Brian’s passion has always been treating his patients, determining their specific dysfunction, and developing comprehensive results-based treatment solutions.   Brian opened Lumina Wellness Physical Therapy in Wilmington, NC in 2012.  He developed this boutique setting to continue to provide the highest quality care where the patient always truly receives one on one patient centered care. 


Brian began his career as a Certified Athletic Trainer and has worked as an Athletic Trainer an the High School and College level.  As an Athletic Trainer Brian also studied advanced techniques for custom sports bracing and foot orthotics.


Brian received his undergraduate degree from Fresno State University in Exercise Science.  His advanced knowledge in exercise physiology has helped him to develop  unique specialized exercises which complement his manual therapy techniques.


Brian is an ergonomic consultant and has developed and implemented successful injury prevention programs and held seminars on wellness and injury prevention throughout the country. He has worked with The Intel Corporation, Campbell’s Soup, Delta Dental, Blue Diamond Almonds, Pepsi Cola, Southwest Airlines and many other large companies Brian is a  Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist and has developed and implemented Functional Ergonomics, a successful program which has helped many companies to significantly reduce their work related injuries.  Brian has also developed an evidenced based instructional course on Functional Ergonomics and travels the country teaching this program to health care professionals.


Brian’s passion has always been working one on one with patients identifying the core cause of their pain and dysfunction and treating accordingly.  In an effort to better understand muscle pain and dysfunction He became certified in surface electromyography. He spent several years performing movement studies using external sensors (sEMG) which demonstrated specific muscle activity or lack of muscle activity during specific functional movements.  He found that there were underlying hidden protective muscle patterns which correlated with the patient’s pain and dysfunction.

Brian believes that just as the body has the ability to address trauma or perceived trauma through protective muscular contractions, with proper manual therapy techniques and guidance, our bodies also have the ability to adjust and address many of its own problems through relaxation of these involved muscle groups.


Brians research and study led him to seek out manual techniques that address the CNS, as these techniques have the greatest effect on releasing the underlying muscle imbalances.  He has advanced training in Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, and is one of less than 200 practitioners with advanced training in PRRT™.  These techniques not only effectively address the underlying muscle, joint, and fascial dysfunctions but also send specific signals to the CNS to, in essence, re-boot allowing the body to make the necessary structural changes.   Brian has also studied various Myofascial Release Techniques, Myo-Sequence Motor Point Manipulation, Strain-Counterstrain, Muscle Energy, and Neural Tension as well as studied the methods of McKienzie, Paris, Kalterboun, Maitland, and Feldenkrais.  Through comprehensive patient assessments he determines specific areas of dysfunction and utilizes the appropriate techniques to resolve the underlying cause of the dysfunction.

Brian has found Bowen Therapy to be one of the most effective manual therapy techniques and for the past 15 he has continued to advance my study of the Bowen Technique.  He has studied under Bowtech, Bowen International, and Bowen Healing Systems and was fortunate to have mentored directly under Albert LaShell one of the first instructors of the Bowen Technique in America, as well as mentor under the teachings of Albert’s cousin Milton Albrieght, who was the first Bowen therapist certified outside of Australia.  He one of a hand full of therapists certified to teach Alberts Bowen Technique.


To complement his manual therapy techniques Brian became a certified practitioner for a leading biofeedback company (HeartMath™) and offers his patients a scientifically proven biofeedback method to help control stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions which can maintain the body in an unhealthy and unbalanced state. Integrating this approach has proven to be very successful in increasing outcomes for his patients as well as his corporate clients.


Brian has taken his  25+ years of, experience, original research, and advanced studies in manual therapy and developed evidence based seminars teaching manual therapy, advanced muscle balancing exercises, and ergonomics.  He has traveled the country teaching his approach with great success.   Brian has also been honored as a featured speaker at statewide Physical Therapy Association conferences.  (for more information or to register for one of his seminars go to https://www.totalspinalhealth.com/classes.html)


Brian developed, designed, and built the Total Spinal Fitness Core Board System.  This system has been used with great success for the past 25 years and is the only exercise system that allows patients to strengthen their spine while in a position of decompression.  The Total Spinal Fitness Core Board System has been adopted by hundreds of physical therapists in dozens of states across the country.  This system is proprietary and is currently patent pending.