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I started using the Total Spinal Fitness system back in 2018. The system really helped my injury. I feel stronger than ever and I will continue to use every single day. I am now able to lift heavy weights again. I thought that I would never be able to do that again. I have increased my flexibility and have started to retrain my muscles for optimal growth.

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Total Spinal Fitness is dedicated to providing our patients with the most comprehensive and clinically based spinal care in our field today.

We are honored that our proven system has now been adopted by over one hundred physical therapists in numerous states across the country.

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Most of our pain, and even many of our injuries, arise from underlying myofascial imbalances which develop over time. This creates progressive undue stress on joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Treatments which address these conditions without addressing the actual cause of the myofascial imbalances will typically only give temporary relief of symptoms.

Our successful outcomes speak for themselves. Our patients generally experience a dramatic reduction in both the experience of pain, and better yet, the likelihood that it will return.

Brian has been a very critical part of helping me heal my body. I am very athletic and put alot of strain on my body. Due to this, Brian is always working with me to stay balanced. He is very thorough at my appointments which I appreciate and always helps me feel better after each visit.

Flow F.

I came to see Brian after experiencing major knee pain in both knees. After one treatment, I was able to train (swim, bike, and run) while increasing distance in all three sports, with very minor pain in only one knee. I feel great again and confident about training for my next triathalon with no pain or injuries. Thanks so much!

Dawn D.

2020 Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you, Brian, for all the work we’ve been doing together. You have helped me beyond belief. I went to McKeever Physical Therapy for rehabilitation of my shoulder after joint surgery. During our sessions, Brian and I began to discuss some other ailments – my back is fused throughout several lumbar vertebrae, and I was due to undergo prostate surgery.

James C.

I was seeing Brian for my shoulder after surgery. I was ahead of schedule as far as recovery. Last session, in passing, I said my lower back was killing me and had been for 3 years since the birth of my little girl. He said “I’ll finish up with your shoulder and look at it quick if you want?”

Kelly P.

“Super grateful to have found Brian. My mom has been going to him for a while and now my brother and I are going too! I feel so relaxed, more importantly educated on my problems and their solutions. I really can already feel the changes happening already! Thank you!”

Kerry C.

I’ve been treated by Brian several times during the last two years and have been hugely impressed by the effectiveness of the techniques he is using. Some of the treatments he does seem quite easy, and yet they are extremely effective. Brian did not limit himself to only one type of therapy techniques but has been applying and evaluating different approaches all tailored to my needs.

Milena V.

I was training for the Boston Marathon. With 3 weeks left to go, I could not run more than 7 miles without extreme pain in my right leg. After one treatment with Brian, I was able to run 22 miles the next day without pain. I finished the Boston Marathon in 3 hours 40 minutes.

Richard H.

I saw Brian following a work injury to my neck, but I have actually had neck pain and stiffness for years. I am a truck driver and could not turn my head following my injury. The doctors told me that X-rays showed moderate arthritis in my neck.

Pearcy Y.

After a Friday morning knee surgery (arthroscopic), the following Monday Brian did a Bowen Therapy session that included a pelvic release. I walked out of his office without a limp, feeling very little pain at the surgery site.

Scott P.

“I would like to give a great recommendation to Lumina welness and physical therapy. Brian is an exceptional, carrying and honest physical therapist who truly care about your well being.”

Zdenka P.

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