What is HeartMath™ Technology?

There is a way to measure the stress response in our bodies. There is a way to track the health of your autonomic nervous system and the balance between the sympathetic (or stress) response and the parasympathetic (or relaxation) response. HeartMath™ is a sophisticated form of biofeedback that measures the variability of your heart rate from beat to beat. This is known as HRV (or heart rate variability), and it can be measured easily like an EKG using HeartMath™ technology. The more complex your heart rate and the more variations from beat to beat, the healthier you are. The worse your heart rate is, meaning less variability, the less healthy you are. The least variable heart rate is a flat line! Lower heart rate variability is a marker for increased stress response and links back to all the negative effects we see with stress. Brian is a licensed practitioner for HeartMath™ and incorporates this biofeedback technique to help his patients balance their Autonomic Nervous System, decrease their stress and improve their overall health.

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