What is BioScan™ Technology?

What Research Has Been Done With the Technology?
Can The Technology Be Used To Treat Or Diagnose?
Are the Results Accurate?
How Does The BIOSCAN™ Work Remotely?

BIOSCAN™ technology measures the most rapidly changing field in the body, the energetic field, which processes 400 million impulses of information per second. When dealing with complex mind-body systems, repeatable measurements are not always expected. However, in most instances successive assessments will produce comparative results; each assessment will present a picture that is comparative in a meaningful way to the other assessments. Health professionals and others with BIOSCAN™ assessment experience learn that results obtained from the first assessment are valid and the most accurate. Agape Oils takes the results of your scan and creates a customized blend for you that is perfectly matched to your body’s desires for health and healing.

What Research Has Been Done With the Technology?

BIOSCAN™ technology involves information theory, physics and biology. Each of these disciplines has several studies that validate the individual components that make up the BIOSCAN™ technology. For example, there are several studies over the last century relating to GSR and its use in measuring the body’s reaction to stimuli.

In addition, several health professional have conducted successful studies using BIOSCAN™’s technology. Recently, BIOSCAN™ concluded an extended research study in China that showed a high correlation between BIOSCAN™ technology results and physician choices.

Can The Technology Be Used To Treat Or Diagnose?

BIOSCAN™ technology does not treat, cure or diagnose. It is a tool designed to assist the individual in finding the body’s preference for any list of items. This information is used to make better decisions about personal health and preference for nutritional supplements. Even though this information has obvious value, the results of a Compass assessment are not diagnostic.

Are the Results Accurate?

Yes. Health professionals using BIOSCAN™ technology have performed hundreds of thousands of assessments worldwide and report excellent results. A recent hospital study showed a high correlation between the information provided by BIOSCAN™’s technology and the recommendations made by attending physicians.

How Does The BIOSCAN™ Work Remotely?

To run evaluations there is no need to be connected to the device as we are addressing the informational level that is independent from time or space. Results will show items that are affecting a client for a number of reasons: tendencies, weaknesses, interests, past association, present association, had it, has it, will have it, needed it, needs it, will need it, an element of the item is needed or resonates with the client, etc.

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