What is Fascia and how does Bowen Therapy affect it?

What is Fascia and how does Bowen Therapy affect it?

  • Fascia, a component of connective tissue, provides structural support and protection for the body by providing lines of stress/shock absorption and structural integrity.
  • Fascia envelopes muscles, bones and joints and holds us together and upright.
  • Fascia supports the body structure giving rise to our shape/form.
  • Fascia has three layers, starting with the superficial fascia directly under the skin and ending with subserous fascia, deep inside the body.
  • Fascia organizes and brings together as well as separates individual structures.
  • Fascia provides protection for the individual muscles and viscera.
  • Fascial sheaths also join and bond separate individual muscles, establishes spatial relationships for function and movement.
  • It is the collagenous component in the fascia that enables it to change and reorganize.
  • Collagen is a colloid material capable of changing from solid to fluid form and vice-versa depending on the forces (negative or positive) acting upon it. The piezoelectric component of the Bowen “move” initiates this change.
  • Chronic or unnatural tensions acting upon our structure can help influence changes towards shortening and hardening the ground-matrix causing sticking or adhesions upon fascial sheaths and muscle shortening.
  • Simply by inhibiting motion our fascia, tendons, capsules and ligaments can lose their flexibility.
  • Dehydrated and immobile fascia can adhere to itself and other fascial layers causing collagen fibers to shorten and coil into itself giving rise to trigger points, entrapping nerves, blood and lymph vessels thus limiting range of motion through our joints.
  • Initiating a re-hydration of fascia through Bowen Therapy can restore elasticity and unwind many of the negative effects of chronic tension, immobility and stress as well as act as a primer to other work and movement training systems. 

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