Pain Relief Beyond Belief

Most of our body’s aches and pains are related to muscle imbalances. These imbalances cause irritation to the muscles, tendons, and joints. Treatments which address the muscles, tendons, and joints without addressing the actual cause of the muscle imbalance will typically only give temporary relief of symptoms. In order to give our patients the most comprehensive approach, we complement our treatments by teaching our patients how to use a scientifically proven biofeedback method to help balance the Autonomic Nervous System, control stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions, which can maintain the nervous system in an unhealthy and unbalanced state. Integrating this Mind/Body approach has proven to be very successful in increasing outcomes for our patients. Common statements from his patients are, “I can’t believe it, my pain is completely gone”. We attribute these results to the remarkable ability of the body to address it’s own problems through balance of the mind/body connection and a little influence and facilitation through specific manual therapy techniques.
We offer the following services to assist the body in remembering how to heal itself.