Parkinson’s & Bowen Therapy

In 1995, John Coleman was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease by five practitioners (including three medical practitioners).

By August 1995, John was suffering from Stage IV Parkinson’s Disease, had lost his power of speech, was unable to walk 5 metres without assistance, and took an hour and a half to get dressed. Severely dissatisfied with western medical treatment and prognosis, John decided to pursue other methods.

With the aid of Bowen Therapy, (and other complementary therapies, such as homeopathy), John was completely symptom free by April 1998.

He went on to train in Bowen therapy and treat others with Parkinsons disease:

The first gentleman he treated was suffering from drug induced Parkinson’s disease and was unable to take Parkinson’s disease medication because it would have interfered with his heart drugs. He was quite debilitated by his Parkinson’s disease symptoms and unable to undertake his normal activities. Within a few months of commencing treatment with Bowen therapy, he was able resume his normal activities.

 The second gentleman was treated in 1998 suffering from idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. He was a house painter who had been forced to give up work. John commenced treatment using Bowen Therapy and, four months later, he resumed work. This gentleman continued to improve for nearly 18 months when he went on an extended holiday interstate. He has not required any Bowen treatments since early 2000.