Holistic Benefits of Bowen

After a Bowen Therapy treatment, a large number of physiological and even emotional responses occur as the body lets go its state of tightness that was its own manner of coping with pain and inflammation. Commonly the client might feel as if ‘hit by a truck’. This is perhaps because their body is in a process of re-adjusting the manner in which it has been compensating for the problem. It is using muscles in a more appropriate and balanced manner. These muscles might not have been in full use for a long time and will therefore be sore as they engage into the process. The by-products of this tension and inflammation will begin to be eliminated and the body increases fluid intake and recuperation times.

Bowen Therapy accomplishes holistic balance in the body immediately. Since Bowen Therapy addresses the body as a whole rather than just the presenting symptom(s), it embraces the physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each person receiving a treatment.

The Certified Bowen Therapist is merely a catalyst, setting the stimulus in motion for the body to heal itself. A Bowen treatment, whether to address a specific problem or maintain a healthy body, is the essence of simplicity

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