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Join us for an essential oils class with speaker Brian McKeever (MPT, ATC, CEAS).  Brian has worked in the field of health and wellness for nearly 30 years. To learn more, please download our brochure using the link below.

Essential Oils Classes

Classes are held every first and third Thursday of the month at 5:30 pm at:

Lumina Wellness and Physical Therapy

1241-A Military Cutoff Road, Ste. 101

Wilmington, NC 28405

Space is limited so please RSVP to or call 910-805-1111.


Functional Muscle Therapy Bio – Functional Muscle Therapy: An Evidence-Based Corrective Manual Therapy Approach

Oct. 4, 2016

8 am – 5 pm

Lumina Wellness and Physical Therapy
1241– A Military Cutoff Rd. # 101
Wilmington, NC  28405

Presented by:
Brian McKeever, M.P.T.,A.T.C.,C.E.A.S.

Recognized by the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association as a featured speaker at the 2013 NCPTA Spring Conference in Winston Salem, NC

We realize that your time away from work and family is valuable but at the same time believe that home study courses and internet based courses lack the invaluable hands learning experience.  We have created this combined home study and hands on course to maximize you learning experience and minimize your expense.

This class is approved for 15 Continuing Education hours for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists  and Massage therapists for North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee,  Maryland and Virginia.  A post test must be satisfactorily completed for the home study portion of the course prior to receiving your certificate of completion.   Time will be allotted during the hands on class to finish the home study post test.

Don’t Miss This Course!

This functional approach will immediately increase your confidence to effectively treat common specific sites of pain and dysfunction as well as recognize and integrate the function of all processes and systems affecting musculoskeletal health and healing.

Functional Muscle Therapy Is A Corrective Approach To The Treatment Of Musculoskeletal  Dysfunction Based On The Principles Of “Release,  Activate & Integrate.”

You will learn Bowen Therapy, an anatomical and structural re-balancing technique that’s based on the body’s ability to adjust and address its own problems through relaxation of involved muscle groups. The combination of minimal handling of the patient’s body, the use of unique “cross fiber” manipulation, and strategically placed waiting periods, allows the body to relax and adjust, often rectifying problems that have been in place for years.  This technique effectively addresses the underlying muscle and fascial dysfunctions, while calming the  Central Nervous System (CNS) to, in essence, re-boot or “release”, normalizing muscle tone and allowing the body to return to its normal state of optimal function.

This functional approach recognizes the function of all processes and systems within the body, rather than focusing on a single site of pathology.

Please join us. This could be the answer that you’ve been looking for! To learn more, please download our class brochure here for the Functional Muscle Therapy Seminar 1 Day Course.

Functional Muscle Therapy

Register now using the secure PayPal system:

Fee for 1-day Functional Muscle Therapy Seminar: $350.00


Student Discount for Functional Muscle Therapy:  (Current/Valid Student ID): $175.00


Bring a Friend (Two or More People Must Register Together): $300.00

Participants are encouraged to  register 14 days prior to hands-on class in order to complete the home study portion of the class.  Once registration and payment is received the link to the home study portion of the course will be sent to you for you to download from our site.

Testimonials from attendees:

“Incorporating the techniques I learned into my practice for more that 6 months has resulted in exceptional outcomes which is endlessly rewarding for both my patients and my personal career satisfaction.”

DPT, Porters Neck, NC

“I enjoyed the simplicity of the techniques and education on exercises/treatments.”

MPT, Indianapolis, IN

“I felt as though Mr. McKeever needed to continue teaching! In some conferences/seminars I've attended I couldn't wait for them to be over. Not this one! I’m so glad I came and look forward to implementing his therapy methods.”

DPT, Columbus, OH


“Great Seminar, great clinical application”

DPT, Dallas, TX


“Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar! Helped me refine and re-educate my own treatment strategies. Have a freshness to take back to my patients. Also enjoyed the integrative approach in conjunction with manual therapy treatments.”

PT, Shreveport, LA


“Very well presented. Very good information. Gained knowledge that I can go back to work and use right away. One of the best courses I have taken. Very practical.”

OT, Baltimore MD

“Excellent course and instructor. Gained priceless knowledge for my career as well as my personal life.”

MPT, Fairfax, VA

“I am amazed at the program you have created! It is obvious that you have spent many, many hours researching and developing it. The form and phases that you have presented it in is so awesome and easy-to-follow. I feel amazing! I appreciate all of the information and love you put into it. It truly is apparent that you have a passion to help people.”

J. S.

"I experienced Sheen’s aromatouch healing session a few months ago and I cannot recommend it highly enough. She has a special understanding of energy and twinned with the oils I was in a totally relaxed state within seconds. I was so relaxed in fact I could hardly get off the table afterwards and had to take a long and well deserved sleep after. It was revigorating, cleansing and stress relieving. Thanks for the experience Sheen!!"

"I recently met with you regarding a left shoulder joint pain. You didn't simply test my strength and movement, nor did you simply give me exercises to follow. Rather, you taught me the mechanics of my arm and why the recommended exercises would benefit towards a successful treatment. As someone who effectively learns from the “why” of things, that extra bit of information you shared quickly brought my shoulder to a better state. I thank you for that.

Queenie F  Bolivia, NC

“12 years following a cubital tunnel release that was done in 1995, I went through a course of therapy with Brian. For years I had gone through periods of constant discomfort including pain in my arms and hand, and tingling in my hand and fingers. My pain is now almost gone and I am functioning at an almost normal level and have stopped thinking about the things that I used to have to avoid doing. THANKS.”

R. Conely Eldorado Hills, CA

“I saw Brian following a work injury to my neck, but I have actually had neck pain and stiffness for years. I am a truck driver and could not turn my head following my injury. The doctors told me that X-rays showed moderate arthritis in my neck. Brian’s treatments relieved my neck pain and I am able to turn my head without pain and return to work. God Bless You.”

Pearcy Y. Sacramento, CA

“For years I have had issues with chronic pain, mainly orthopedic problems that have either resulted from surgeries or frozen joints. Brian started his therapy approach on me in late 2007 and within a week I was feeling relief from the pain that I assumed I would live with for the rest of my life. Several months later I have an enormous respect for these methods of therapy, My physical and mental outlook on life has changed drastically and the pain issues that used to control my daily life are shadows of what they were.”

Ellen Z Folsom, CA

“I’ve been treated by Brian several times and have been truly impressed by the effectiveness of the techniques he is using. Some of the treatments he does seem very easy, and yet they are extremely effective. Brian did not limit himself to only one type of therapy techniques but has been applying and evaluating different approaches all tailored to my needs. Moreover, I have been impressed by his enthusiasm love of his profession, genuine interest in healing methods and continuous learning and acquiring of new methods and techniques. Brian’s holistic approach to patient care, his ability to design a treatment focused on the patient’s needs and his perfected techniques makes him a truly extraordinary therapist.”

Milena. V, Ph.D.  Folsom, CA

"I have been an avid student of holistic healing practices for a number of years. Recently, after incurring several injuries I became acquainted with Bowen Therapy. The results were amazing! A pain I had suffered for over a year, literally disappeared overnight. Two other conditions resolved themselves after two visits .And most recently, I regained full range of motion from a sprained ankle within 2 days of treatment. I am so impressed with their knowledge, and commitment to healing – they have truly developed a unique and highly effective healing practice."

Jan A. Wilmington, NC

"I saw massage therapists, chiropractors, and even tried acupuncture. I never thought my neck would stop hurting. After 4 Bowen Therapy sessions the neck pain I had for over 15 years was almost completely gone."

Nancy  F.  Jacksonville, NC

"While training for a marathon I could not run more than 7 miles without moderate pain in my right leg and low back. After 1 visit my pain was gone. Two weeks later I finished the Boston Marathon in 3 hours 40 minutes."

Ron B.  Folsom, CA

"I have been in pain for over 10 years. After 2 visits my back pain was decreased over 80%. It Works!"

Sue W.  Wilmington NC

Successful Treatment Interventions and Preventative Solutions for  Musculoskeletal Pain and Injuries Associated with the Computer Workstation


Lumina Wellness and Physical Therapy
1241-A Military Cutoff Rd. # 101
Wilmington, NC 28405

In this one-day course, attendees will receive the tools and resources to successfully develop injury prevention programs, perform ergonomic assessments for the computer workstation, and implement successful intervention/prevention strategies for the millions of Americans suffering work-related pain and injuries.

Gain the confidence to venture out into your community and provide on-site injury prevention/physical therapy services and enjoy a cash based stream of income.

Brian earned a living developing and implementing on-site injury prevention programs.  This class will show you how he did it.

Presented by: Brian McKeever, M.P.T.,A.T.C.,C.E.A.S.

Recently recognized by the North Carolina Physical Therapy Association as a featured speaker at the 2013 NCPTA Spring Conference in Winston Salem, NC.

Register now using the secure PayPal system:

Fee for 1-day Successful Treatment Interventions Seminar: $189.00


Early Registration for Successful Treatment Interventions Seminar:  (14-day Advance Purchase): $149.00


Additional Classes:

Brian hosts a wonderful collection of workshops, events, and classes on essential oils and other health-related topics.

Monthly Essential Oil Classes:

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