Bowen Therapy and Sports Performance

Bowen Therapy is ideal for sports related injuries and preventative body maintenance. Bowen Therapy addresses physical conditions and encourages musculo-skeletal rebalancing.

Regular Bowen treatments can help enhance your sports performance since the best protection is prevention. Overcompensation, bad postural alignment and the body’s tendency to hold on to old injuries, will result in an unbalanced body. Many injuries in sports, e.g. calf and hamstring, etc are a result of sudden additional stresses being placed on an unbalanced body.

Many top athletes and sports people find that regular Bowen Technique treatments reduce the number of incidents of injury. International athletes are testifying to the benefits of ‘whole body balancing’ which results from their Bowen treatments.

Bowen works by treating the whole body to restore balance: and when used on a regular basis, athletes and other sports professionals, especially golfers, are discovering that Bowen treatments enhance performance, by increasing energy levels, improving mobility and co-ordination; which results in an improved game and reduce the incidence of injury. Where they do have an injury, they are finding that Bowen therapy outperforms all other therapies with regard to reducing pain and tension in the body & helping injuries heal faster. Bowen brings rapid relief and gets them back to the game quickly.   Dr. Jo Anne Whitaker, 2 times time winner of the Florida Amateur Golf Championship has this to say about Bowen.

“The Bowen Technique helps break records in golf and treats and prevents golf related injuries.”

Tributes from some of the world’s top golf professionals, like Carl Mason, show they are finding Bowen to be the answer they have been looking for.

Record Senior De Vere Northumberland Seniors Classic Tour winner Carl Mason had this to say following his Bowen treatment:

“When I woke up this morning my back felt as free and easy as it has done for weeks and that helped me to get my swing back on track. I can’t remember the last time I played as well as this,” he added, “and I don’t think I have shot so low since the 61 I scored on the way to winning the Scottish Open at Gleneagles back in 1994.”