Bowen Therapy

Brian’s research and study is extensive in manual therapy techniques that address the CNS as these techniques have the greatest effect on releasing  the underlying muscle imbalances.   He has training in Strain Counter-Strain, Muscle Energy, CranioSacral, Motor Point Manipulation, and was one of the first 50 practitioners with advanced training in PRRT™.  He has found […]

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What is Wellness?


The term “Wellness” has become more and more prevalent in the past 20 years.  Many fitness centers, massage clinics, chiropractic clinics, and doctor’s offices have been renamed Wellness Centers.  We have corporate wellness, environmental wellness, and the National Wellness Institute.  It has become so popular that in some cases “Wellness” has become a marketing catch […]

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What is Fascia and how does Bowen Therapy affect it?

Fascia, a component of connective tissue, provides structural support and protection for the body by providing lines of stress/shock absorption and structural integrity. Fascia envelopes muscles, bones and joints and holds us together and upright. Fascia supports the body structure giving rise to our shape/form. Fascia has three layers, starting with the superficial fascia directly […]

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